Dr. Anke Schwarz

Dental practice address
10967 Berlin
Telefon 030 – 6912958
Telefax 030 – 6939745


Awarding state for the legal professional title of all dentists
Federal Republic of Germany

Licensing authority and legal professional title of all dentists
I am a dentist who obtained her license to practice in Germany. Dr. Anke Schwarz

Responsible medical association
Zahnärztekammer Berlin, Stallstraße 1, 10585 Berlin, Internet

Responsible supervisory authority
Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Berlin, Georg-Wilhelm-Straße 16, 10711 Berlin

Concept, design and implementation
Markus Hellmold, Dr. Anke Schwarz

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Dental Practice Dr. Anke Schwarz, unless otherwise noted.

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